Anne Frank - Parallel Stories

On April 20th, in conjunction with Yom HaShoah, our showings of Anne Frank Parallel Stories will have a special guest in attendance – Rabbi Allen from Temple Beth Shalom in Leesburg. Rabbi Allen will be conducting a memorial service – saying a few words and offering prayers and blessings for anyone who would like to participate!

Proceeds from this special showing, as well as the April 21st showing, will be going to Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America, in the name of Marcia Reisman, in her honor.

Anne Frank Parallel Stories – The Oscar® – winning Actress Helen Mirren retraces the life of Anne through the pages of her diary, and that of 5 other women who, as children and adolescents, were also deported to concentration camps but survived the Shoah. Off “the set”, a young girl, talking to her peers using social media, will lead us through Anne Frank’s short life and her feelings.

4/14/20 – 1:00pm – $12.50

(with Yom HaShoah service)

4/20/20 – 5pm – $18.00

4/21/20 – 7pm – $18.00

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Celebrating The Sopranos

CELEBRATING THE SOPRANOS – A Night of Exclusive Cinema in Celebration of this Iconic TV Show

An unforgettable event for Sopranos fans. Split into three unique sessions, directed by Kristian Fraga, this special event provides an insight from the Creator, the Critics and the Cast about this epic, multi award-winning series that screened over seven seasons, eighty six episodes and is still regularly cited as being one of the best television series of all time.


RiffTrax Live! Hobgoblins

At an abandoned old movie studio, security guards keep getting mysteriously murdered. The mystery: Why are there so many security guards for an abandoned old movie studio?! But forget that; the real secret is Hobgoblins! Cheap rubber puppets from outer space! Who vaguely resemble Gremlins! But not enough to bring on a lawsuit! Their power: they’ll make your wildest fantasies come true, and then you die, laughingly and embarrassingly.

The studio’s new security guard, Kevin (no relation) quickly learns the secret of the Hobgoblins, and even more quickly lets them escape. Now it’s up to the inept Kevin and sexually-obsessed pals to thwart the Hobgoblins before they take over the world, or at least various neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles Area!

Back in the era of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Hobgoblins nearly destroyed Mike and the Bots. But the combined powers of Bill, Mike and Kevin will turn this wretched chunk of cheese into comedy gold!

6/11/20 – 8:00pm – $15.00

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